Your Sustainable Solution for Hospital Night Coverage

As a community hospital, you’re looking for ways to sustain your business model while offering comprehensive quality care. iNDIGO Telehealth is the ideal solution for those with limited access to sub-specialty providers or onsite providers at night. With iNDIGO Telehealth, our team delivers personalized, team-based care in real time keeping patients and healthcare dollars closer to home.

Is Telehealth Right For You?

  • Are you currently utilizing on-call or locums for night coverage?
  • Is your medical staff interested in leveraging technology in your patient care model?
  • Do you have on-site, after-hours procedural support?
  • Do you have less than four admissions nightly?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, iNDIGO Telehealth may be the right solution for your needs, let’s talk.


Kate Tallman
Business Development Manager